About Me


I am the owner of biggest aviation account plus 2 more accounts on Instagram. 

@Piloteyes737 (260 K+ Followers)
@Howtobecomepilot (80K + Followers)
@Bitkiaskina (45K+ Followers)

I am a Boeing 737-800 Captain, and been flying with this outstanding aircraft since 6 years. 3 Years ago I wrote my book called "How to become an Airline Pilot" - and sold over 40,000 copies which means I helped thousands of young souls to follow my foot steps with the same ambition and passion I had when I first started which I still have it. 

Few months ago, me and my team launched a new store called "Pilot Eyes Store";

@PilotEyesStore account on Instagram and www.piloteyesstore.com 

My aim is to deliver you outstanding quality aviation-related products and high quality 24/7 Customer Support. 

We made an investment to our Tracking Page. You will be able to track your orders' progress from Post Office to your Doorstep. 

Your money is under guarantee, if you do not like it, send it back. We will refund.

If you have further questions about anything else;

Please e-mail us at: Piloteyes7378@gmail.com or Leave a message from the chat on the right bottom of the page.

Thank you,

Piloteyes737 Media & Store.


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